Diaphragm pressure switch

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Diaphragm pressure switch
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  • Diaphragm pressure switches are pieces of equipment with safety functions as set down in the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). They are suitable for protecting the pressure device should the pressure rise above, or drop below, the approved boundary limits. They come under the remit of PED 1G Category IV and have been subjected to an EC type-examination. The requirements of DIN EN 1854 are met. These pressure measuring devices may only be operated with the electrical evaluation units set out below, and within the area of application of this certificate. The pressure switch is composed of the pressure measuring device and electrical evaluation unit.
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  • Case DN 100 with rear blow-out device
  • Case and pressure element assembly of stainless steel, diaphragm of Duratherm
  • Nominal ranges 60 mbar up to 4 bar
  • EC type-examination per Directive 97/23/EG, 
    certificate no. 07 202 1837 Z 0006/2/0004
    piece of equipment with safety function 
    PED 1G cat. IV
  • Safety pattern gauge DN 100 with solid baffle wall and blow-out back
  • Classification per SIL 2
  • Connection to Zone 0
  • Material certificate per DIN EN 10204
Application area

● Chemical and petrochemical industry
● Shipping
● Machinery construction